Artist Statement

Bruce Lee's art manifests from an empathic state, opening to the flow of the energy of the moment to visually describe the music and vibrations present during live performance or the unexplored depths of the collective subconscious when creating in private. The abstract and surreal imagery allows the observer to draw their own ideas, experience, and wisdom to determine "what" they are seeing.

When an artist operates in the flow, surmounting and surpassing the ego, art becomes spontaneous. Channeled images arising from the mass subconscious become manifest, creativity in its purest form. The images brought forth are emergent energies, manifested by the artist and symbolically represented on the canvas. These energies, expressed out of the infinite depths of the mind, exist "behind the veil of consciousness". Behind this veil one will find the mythic and energetic levels of experience, a realm of pure chaos, which offers an individual experience with the art - insofar that each observer is responsible for their own interpretation of the art. Thus, the experience and even often the images observed are purely subjective to the viewer, offering a completely unique experience with the energy and/or art piece.